Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to get over your Quarter-Life Crisis

So, let's see. What else is left to blog on?
Existential angst- done
Romantic ache/loinging :)- done
Trying to be funny- done

I think my skill set is near exhausted. Being socially relevant is not my mug of beer. I can be as socially relevant as a skunk who's been kept from doing his thing for a week and is just looking forward with anticipation to letting it all out.

In the interests of the discerning public, therefore, I think I'll have to look to other sources for inspiration. No. Don't call it plagiarism. Call it my muse. After all, what's in a name?

And that inspiration shall come in the form of acquaintances who have been talking about going through their quarter life crisis. If we're going to categorise them temporally, i think my whole fuckin life has been a crisis. Right from the first step i took into my beloved school, to the last word i type here.

I have a tendency to always shift the spotlight onto me, don't I? Anyway, to get back to baking the cake of wisdom I was about to serve to you- art thou suffering from a quarter-life crisis? Comes from doing things by quarter measures. Here's the solution. Its a concentrate, actually. So. Here's the concentrate. Add a little coke and you'll have the solution. :)

Go the full length. And be happy. At least for a good 3 hours.

It's also recommended to help you get over pathetic jokes such as these.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Story of a Lifetime

There's a story they tell around these parts. About a boy that died. He still comes back once in a while. He was....Wait a goddamn minute!!

Why the fuck am I telling you this story if there are already people doing it around these parts? You can just go ask them, you lazy bastards! Your legs will atrophy or something if you run to the internet everytime you want something!! Do you even remember what your neighbourhood market, or the library for that matter, looks like?? Get a life. Bloody buggers, spending the whole day in front of the computer even if you don't have anything worthwhile to do. When you're so bored that you visit this blog, it's time to get off that chair and take a walk.

Go on. Do it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Blogger wears Prada

Seems to be the fashion these days, no? Stop blogging. I, too, thought I'd write something to the effect of 'I don't have anything more to say. Bye' and leave. That would've sounded suitably classy.

What happened, you ask? Why were we not delivered salvation, you moan? Well, I realised that in light of everyone else's sudden departure from the blogging scene, it'll look like I'm just emulating them. Following the herd. And if there's one thing I've strived to be, it's to be different. Even if its not practical and has no reason behind it other than the urge to be different.

So, socially sensitive blogger that I am, I've decided to let this blog be. It'll be, like some close relative who you're actually not only not close to but who you exremely despise and who you approach with flowers and chocolates and how-are-you-i've-been-meaning-to-come-meet-yous only when you are in desperate need of money, the sanctuary I run to when I'm really, truly and thoroughly bored.
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