Monday, December 24, 2012

A Holiday full of Inconvenient Truths

Things are changing and there's no going back.

You realise that you are in no man's land; a non-paying guest on the rare occasions you go home, a rent paying tenant the rest of the time. Sure, you have friends. But the crowd, once reassuringly large, is fast thinning, the people choosing paths and companions as easily as they would new clothes.

You'll be here until, one day, you look around and see that you're the only one left. You'll wonder if they've been right all along and in a mad, frantic rush, you'll pack your life and agree to mix its contents, its precious contents, with someone else's, like they've been long telling you to. You'll become what, until a couple of years ago, you thought you'd never become. You'll compromise.

Suddenly, wearing a suit will matter, as will having a platinum credit card and paying your taxes on time. You will smile and nod, because smiling and nodding can take you a long way and make you more money, so that you can pay more bills and have more dinners at fancy restaurants and buy the latest flat screen TV.

Sure, you'll still speak of buying a shack by the beach and spending the rest of your life there, between swaying coconut trees which stretch out onto the clear blue waters, basking in the orange sunset. Or of going off into the hills. Plans and promises will be made that, no matter what, you'll make it happen.

But, as the years pass, you'll speak less and less of it, until finally you'll forget you ever spoke about it.

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