Friday, September 6, 2013

Madness- Part III

Part I:
Part II:

I've seen all sorts of hopelessness. I've seen the hopelessness in the eyes of a mother in the police station, whose child has been missing for a week. I've seen the hopelessness of a junkie looking for his next fix, unable to get it because he's in jail for stealing a loaf of bread. Of a boxer sent into the ring, with specific instructions, accompanied by a threat to his family whispered into his years, to drop dead in the middle of the fifth round.

But the people in the room C takes me to- they are beyond hopelessness. They look like they've never known hope. They lie on steel beds, occasionally twitching, their eyes open, their ears hearing unheard of sounds. In the dark dinginess of the basement, what emanates from them, as a sort of luminescent bio force, is almost dementorish in nature. I'm afraid to go closer to those vestigial human souls.

C looks at me and says, "Well, there you go. This is Madness. Don't judge me. I'm just the messenger."

I look at her, this creature in a leather jacket, dripping apathy like an ice cream cone in the sun. I pull her close, her alcohol laden breath warm on my face and tell her, "I want the people responsible for this."

She surveys me like a kindergarten teacher would one of her students, her face a mixture of he's-so-adorably innocent-i-want-to-help-him and the-little-pest-is-beginning-to-get-to-me, hisses, "Don't say I didn't warn you", takes my hand and scribbles something on it.

"Now, go", she says, "Go be a hero." There's sadness in her eyes and her smile as she says this.

The night is done by the time I walk out of the bar. In the cold light of the fresh day, a nebulous plan takes form in my head. The address she has scribbled in blue ink on my hand is that of an asylum at the outskirts of the city.

I know the place. It's where I first met A.


Anonymous said...

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